Our Products

  • Customizable record-indexing system with multi-user capability
  • First implemented in a County Clerk office in 1984
  • Continuous evolution to meet the demands of the Kentucky County Clerks
  • Menu-driven and user friendly
  • Suitable for counties partaking in their first computer system
  • Suitable for counties which desire complex and custom functionality
  • Dynamic system used to enter and maintain delinquent tax bill information
  • Information maintained includes bill number, tax year, owner name, address information, secured parties, amount owed, map identification code, amount paid, date paid, and detailed breakdowns of all applicable rates and penalties
  • User friendly and intuitive interface allows for efficient and simplified tax collection processing
  • Fully customizable rates
  • On-demand listing of all acounts payables with due dates
  • Automated check printing and check reconcilliation
  • Quarterly, Financial Status, and Local Government reporting
  • Budget processing
  • Cash register system used to record all income for County Clerk's office
  • Designed to distribute money to the general ledger accounts for each transaction
  • Tracks income and charges in POSTS Receivables
  • Tracks expenditures in POSTS Payables
  • Generates daily deposit slips
  • Enables speedy checkout at the end of each day with daily reports
  • Generates tax receipts
  • Information management system that allows county Sheriff's department to collect taxes
  • Barcode scanning capability for quick and easy processing
  • Search and sort bills by rate amount, bill year, bill owner, location, dates and more
  • Capability to add supplemental bills, manage exonerations and adjust rates as needed
  • In depth reporting features, including disbursement reports, daily reports, and monthly reports and annual summaries
  • Professional receipt printing, bill printing, and more
  • Search, create, and manage voter registrations
  • Generate new voter registration cards
  • Scan voter registration cards
  • Create voter registration reports by name, precinct, social security number, magistrate district, voter history and more